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Making it easy for businesses to take care of their employees.

Workind was created by an employee for employees, to help design the most caring employee experiences in the world. We rely on a team that combines human resources, marketing communications and technology expertise to improve the well-being of employees and communities.


We believe taking care
of yourself should go without saying.

Our solution ensures a happy daily life, healthy and productive. Our team leaves no one behind because we believe that a healthy community starts by helping everyone to take care of themselves. We are looking forward to reinventing the individual wellness offer, so that it is at the heart of collective priorities.

bien-etre-employe-workind-05 copie.jpg
Café local

is in our DNA.

Workind sounds like We're kind. That's our promise. 

We are creators of kindness and the enabler of multiple scales ecosystem of positive impact for our clients, their teams and our service partners.

Improve your employee experience 
with Workind

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